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Shadows in Parwan – Photo by U.S. Army SSG Whitney Hughes

Veterans for a Strong America is a non-partisan action organization dedicated to educating the public, members of Congress and the Executive Branch about a strong national defense, robust foreign policy and building a military that is second to none.  The challenges America faces require bold leadership and a steady commitment – VSA believes that America’s veterans will provide the leadership and commitment necessary to keep America safe.

Veterans for a Strong America believes that:

  • We must grow the world’s strongest, most robust economy and cut spending in order to reduce the national debt
  • We must strengthen and modernize America’s military so that no adversary will challenge our security and safety
  • We must implement a common-sense national energy policy that will power America into the 21st century
  • We must re-build our intelligence community in order to prevent another 9-11
  • We must design a legal framework that allows America’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute terrorism on a global battlefield

Veterans for a Strong America is mobilizing veterans and veterans’ supporters as advocates in the public policy process. We are doing this by partnering supporters with respected economists, military veterans, intelligence community leaders and experienced former law enforcement officials.

Veterans for a Strong America is arming Americans with the facts about the state of our national security, equipping Americans with the tools needed to engage elected members of Congress and the President, and motivate Americans by asking them to rally around us with the just nature of our cause – to keep America strong.