Benghazi Security Team Leader: It Makes a Huge Difference

Fox News interviewed Mark Geist, Chris Poronto and Don Tigen, the embassy security team members who co-wrote the the book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.  When asked what his response was to Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make,” moment during her infamous Senate hearing, Chris Paranto responded:

“It makes a huge difference, and that’s — this is what i was talking about with the politics of it. They’re politicking of and just getting it down to where it turns into a reality show, where the truth is not being told. That’s one of the reasons that pushed us to stay apolitical but tell the truth of what happened on the ground, because it does matter. It matters to honor our friends that passed away. We need to honor Ambassador Stevens and the families that need to know the truth of what took place there, because they didn’t know.”