Has President Obama Ever Read the Ayatollah’s Twitter Timeline?

It’s amazing what you can learn from social media these days.

For example, you can learn the Supreme Leader of Iran likes to troll and mock the United States of America. That probably shocks no one but our current president, who is busy appeasing the Ayatollah Khamenei as we speak.

On May 4th, Khamenei used Twitter to weigh in on the Baltimore riots:

“U.S. police kill and oppress innocent people. The result of such behavior is insecurity. #Baltimore”

Right, because when I think of fair-minded regimes known for justice, mercy, and prudence, Iran immediately comes to mind. Just ask Pastor Saeed Abedini. He’s celebrating his 35th birthday this week while serving an eight-year sentence in two of Iran’s most brutal prisons. All because he was building an orphanage in the capital city of Tehran as an outreach ministry of his Christian faith.

On April 29th, Khamenei tweeted this:

“It’s not just a compliment that the Prophet kissed the hands of #workers. It’s a lesson to us all. #WorkersDay”

Of Iran’s policies towards workers, Human Rights Watch reported the following:

The Iranian government is increasingly violating workers’ rights to peaceful assembly and association. Dozens of labor and independent trade union activists are in prison for speaking out in defense of workers.

“Iranian workers are on the front lines of the struggle to demand such basic rights as freedom of assembly and association,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.“They are often the first victims of government crackdowns that aim to silence criticism.”

The Iranian government’s stranglehold on unionization and crackdown on labor rights activists have left workers without a voice to influence government policy and working conditions, even as the country’s worsening economic situation is pushing many into poverty. More than a dozen labor activists are in prison for exercising their right to freedom of assembly and association. About 80 percent of workers are working under temporary, short-term or at-will employment arrangements, which severely restrict their benefits and provide little protection from summary firings by business owners, labor activists say.

 The number of child workers under age 15 has also increased, in contravention of article 79 of Iran’s labor law which prohibits employing anyone under that age, according to the official Iranian Labour News Agency. According to figures published by Iran’s parliamentary research center in September 2012, more than 90 percent of the 3.25 million children out of school were working.

 Dude, Iran sounds like a real worker’s paradise.

On April 26th, Khamenei proved that even Islamo-fascists know what a good Yiddish word like “chutzpah” means, when he Tweeted:

“It’s ridiculous that even though U.S. President is black, still such crimes against U.S. blacks continue to occur. #BlackLivesMatter #FreddieGray”

Type “oppression in Iran” into Google and over 3.85 results come up. Substitute “Iran human rights violations” and the results double to 7.2 million. Not to mention the fact Iranian state-run media has referred to President Obama as “a house slave” and a “black immigrant.” Apparently they’re not big on sensitivity training over there.

But my personal favorite from the Ayatollah’s recent Twitter time line is an oldie-but-goody concerning Israel from April 19th :

“The cause of insecurity in the region is the Zionist regime which is the U.S. chained dog. #Palestine #Syria #Yemen”

Keep in mind Iran’s Supreme Leader is tweeting this at a time when our own supreme leader is genuflecting in his direction. Even as Obama distances the United States from Israel, apologizes for Islamic radicalism, and castigates Christians, we see no relenting of the propaganda and hostility from the likes of Iran. Khamenei has perceived Obama’s desperation to get a deal done at any cost as weakness, and now he is using Twitter to audition for a job as a progressive, blame-America-first media pundit to boot.

We are not only strengthening Iran’s standing in the world, but providing its Supreme Leader with a platform to troll us as well. In fact, if I had just quoted you those tweets without telling you who tweeted them, you might have assumed they came from somebody like Al Sharpton–an Obama confidant and loyalist.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s the secret sauce here. Maybe the reason American progressives don’t view Iran as an enemy is because they think the same things about America as the Ayatollah. If we ever live to see regime change in Iran, Khamenei has a future as a tenured professor on just about every American college campus.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)