Obama, Israel, and Our Enemies: The Price of Weakness

EXCLUSIVE by Steve Deace for VSA:

The latest chapter in the Israel-Hamas conflict unfolding as we speak essentially comes down to this: Israel would like Hamas to stop launching missile attacks at its people, while Hamas would like the people of Israel to stop being Jews.

Thus, the Obama Regime hopes a compromise can still be reached.

In all seriousness, this is what happens when you fail to recognize the foundational cause of the dispute itself. Solutions are impossible, and the best you can hope for are compromises — otherwise known as applying tourniquets to mortal wounds. The current occupants of the White House fail to state unequivocally that Israel has a right to defend itself — period — which is the right to exist. There are always caveats with these people, which our enemies (who are also Israel’s enemies) see as weakness.

Every military/political conflict in human history has eventually been won by the side that was most convinced in the rightness of its cause. This is how 56 signers to the Declaration of Independence drove the Red Coats from our shores. This is how a rag-tag bunch of Afghans out-lasted the Soviet Union’s Red Army. This is why Saigon fell instead of being liberated.

Notice I didn’t say the side that was the most moral always wins, but the side that is the most morally certain of itself always does. A sad truth of human history is that plenty of objectively immoral causes and regimes have tasted victory, not because they were objectively righteous but because in their minds they were the most morally certain of their mission.

We are watching this play itself out in the Middle East as we speak.

There is no moral equivalency between Hamas, or any other Islamic terrorist organization for that matter, and a legitimate nation-state like Israel. Yet sadly you wouldn’t know that if you attended any day of the week at the United Nations. An organization who counts as one of its first official acts aiding the formation of the nation of Israel over 65 years ago, has condemned Israel in various phony “resolutions” almost 50 times since.

That’s not to say that Israel is perfect and above reproach, because no human cause or human being(s) is. All of us are like sheep, and can be led astray. Yet the wisest man who ever lived taught us you know a tree by its fruit. The fruit the people of Israel get to enjoy is far sweeter than the bitter fruit foisted upon those poor souls trampled underfoot by radical Islam — most of them Muslims.

In a healthy world our leaders would universally recognize that fact, but in our real world they sadly do not. Instead, in our real world our foreign policy is dictated by a Regime inside the beltway that tries to force the Christian nuns at the Little Sisters of the Poor         to violate the Bible and their church’s traditions in order to serve their statist schemes, while at the same time declaring “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

In our president’s mind this is “tolerance” and “diversity.” In the mind of our enemies this is “surrender.” Especially when it comes with a $47 million check from the American taxpayer hand-delivered by our Secretary of State John Kerry. What our government views as foreign aid the enemies of human freedom see as reparations.

In short, and I don’t say this with any partisan glee because this is a story bigger than the next election cycle, the very words and deeds of our government are emboldening the moral certainty of our (Israel’s) enemies. Our equivocations, false red lines, empty threats, and our “if you like your current nuclear program you can keep it” Faustian bargain with Iran, is sending a message to the Islamo-Fascists they are obviously receiving loud and clear.

That message is this: keep doing what you’re doing because you’re winning.

The almost two trillion dollars we spent over a decade in Iraq, where Christians are currently fleeing to avoid crucifixions, may now result in either a caliphate or an Iranian satellite country. There are no public Christian churches in all of Afghanistan according to our very own state department, and now the remaining members of the Taliban’s “dream team” are back out on the streets. We waited so long to lead in Syria that by the time we decided to do something it was too late, because the conflict had become the bad guys versus the bad guys.

Our response to potential threats at home, or a successful attack during the Boston Marathon, is to limit the freedoms and liberties of the American people. Thus, we look and less and less like a nation whose ideals are still worth fighting for. And who knows what and how many villains are currently using the thousands of little children caught up in our border crisis as human shields to enter our country illegally.

Even after decades of Leftist attack and erosion, our nation’s foundations are still strong enough to withstand an era of leadership that is either wrong or dumb/weak. But we may not be able to withstand an era of leadership that is both wrong and dumb/weak, which is the era we’re witnessing now.

Hence, our enemies are like a defiant child who knows his parents won’t discipline him, which means once the parents have finally had enough and decide to do so the only real options left are the harshest ones.

We are not a conquering empire. We don’t build a strong military so that we can show it off. We build a strong military so that we don’t have to. But our Nobel Prize-winning president doesn’t understand “peace through strength.” Instead, his weakness is motivating our enemies to so back us into a corner the only alternatives are violent ones. People don’t typically pick fights with those they fear, which is why our enemies are picking a fight with us.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and the author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)

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