BREAKING: Joel Arends and VSA FOIA Clinton’s home phone, email accounts over Benghazi

Joel Arends and Veterans for a Strong America today requested that the Department of State comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s agency and personal (home) telephone records for both mobile phones and landlines, as well as all email traffic for home, office and “alias” accounts for the 36 hour time frame surrounding the Benghazi terror attacks.

This information has never been known or published.  VSA believes that information about who Secretary Clinton called, consulted, or in any way communicated with during this critical time frame is of vital importance to understanding how Benghazi unfolded and how the American people were misled about the origins of the attack.  VSA is grateful to leading national security expert and attorney Mark Zaid, and his colleague Bradley Moss for their work with VSA, especially on this issue.

Download (PDF, 32KB)

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