New Poll Shows VSA’s Benghazi Ad Impacting AZ Governor’s Race

Veterans for a Strong America
June 27, 2014


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New Poll Shows Veterans for a Strong America Impacting Arizona Governor’s Race

(Sioux Falls) This week, Veterans for a Strong America and Harper Polling conducted a poll of likely Republican primary voters in Arizona.

The poll shows that Veterans for Strong America has had an impact on the Arizona governor’s race by driving up candidate Christine Jones negatives.  VSA ran a statewide television ad criticizing Jones for praising Hillary Clinton after the Benghazi terrorist attack, and as a result Jones now has the highest negatives of any other top tier candidate for Governor.  It also gives her the lowest net positive rating of the major candidates.

                                Fav                Unfav          Net Positive

Ducey                              48%                   12%                    36%

Bennett                           28%                      9%                    19%

Smith                               25%                    13%                    12%

Jones                               28%                    18%                    10%


The head-to-head results in the Arizona Governor’s race show that Doug Ducey has a strong lead over the rest of the field.

Doug Ducey               33%

Christine Jones        15%

Scott Smith                14%

Ken Bennett               12%

Andy Thomas              3%

Frank Riggs                   2%

Undecided                  22%

The poll also shows that 98% of GOP primary voters believe the VA scandal is a very serious or somewhat serious issue and 80% blame Obama or his administration for the problem, while 16% blame the local VA hospitals.

Joel Arends, Chairman of Veterans for a Strong America, said, “Our poll underscores the importance of veterans and the issues important to them in Arizona and other states across the country.   Veterans for a Strong America will continue to hold accountable people like Christine Jones who dismissed the attacks in Benghazi when she praised Hillary Clinton.  Our members deserve better leadership.”

Veterans for a Strong America is a grassroots action organization committed to ensuring that America remains a strong nation by advancing liberty, safeguarding freedom and opposing tyranny. For more information, visit


Poll Crosstabs and Toplines for AZ Governor:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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