Christine Jones Lied About Serving in the Air Force

The nation’s leading organization of conservative veterans announced the release of its second ad against Christine Jones, a candidate for governor in the Republican primary in Arizona by releasing a television spot entitled Air Farce about Jones’ lying to Arizona voters when she falsely claimed she served in the Air Force. Veterans for a Strong America is exposing Jones’ exceptionally poor character and her poor judgment when she claimed to have left the Air Force – which in actuality she was never a member of. The Department of Defense has no record of Christine Jones ever serving in the Air Force.

VSA Chairman Joel Arends said, “Christine Jones lied to Arizona when she said she got out of the Air Force – she led voters to believe that she had served in our nation’s military when in actuality she never served – her military record is non-existent. GOP primary voters deserve to know the facts about her non-existent military record.”

The new ad uses Jones’ interview from a podcast on an Arizona political talk radio show. In November 2013 Jones said the following: “I went off to be in the Air Force and I met a really nice guy at church who was also in the Air Force and he and I got married and then I got out, he stayed in.” VSA Chairman Arends: “Christine Jones lacks the judgment required to be the top elected official in any state, let alone a state with as pronounced a military presence as Arizona.”

VSA will continue to make Christine Jones’ outrageous lies regarding her non-existent military service record a major theme of the upcoming election for governor throughout the primary election and into the fall if necessary. Added Arends: “Christine Jones kicked dirt in the eye of every veteran when she falsely claimed to have served in the Air Force. Jones knows there are a lot of veterans voters and supporters in Arizona and she was playing to their sense of duty and patriotism when she lied about serving in the Air Force.”

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