Christine Jones Praises Hillary Clinton for Leadership After Benghazi

The nation’s leading organization of conservative veterans announced today that it’s taking aim at Christine Jones, a candidate for governor in the Republican primary in Arizona by releasing a television ad entitled What Difference? about Jones’ outrageous lack of concern regarding Benghazi. Veterans for a Strong America is exposing Jones’ exceptionally poor judgment in praising former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her poor judgment in the wake of the death of four Americans. On Spetember 11, 2012, under Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, terrorists attacked the US. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing the United States Ambassador, the embassy’s information officer and two former Navy SEALs who came to the aid of the besieged compound.

VSA Chairman Joel Arends said, “Christine Jones’ comments in support of Hillary Clinton are an insult to the victims of the Benghazi terror attacks and to every person fighting for accountability from this Administration for their role in the deaths of four Americans.”

The new ad gives background on the Administration’s stonewalling and lies regarding the Benghazi terror attacks, and contains a clip of Secretary Clinton’s infamous hearing in which she shrieked “What difference, at this point, does it make” while testifying before Congress. The ad then quotes Jones praising Clinton two months later by calling her “capable” and “respected.” Jones is also quoted as referring to Clinton as “effective” and having “high standards.”

VSA Chairman Arends: “Christine Jones lacks the judgment required to be the top elected official in any state, let alone a state with as pronounced a military presence as Arizona.”  VSA will continue to make Christine Jones’ outrageous comments and views regarding Benghazi and Clinton a major theme of the upcoming election for governor throughout the primary election and into the fall if necessary.

Added Arends: “Christine Jones may not want to hold Hillary Clinton to account, but Veterans for a Strong America will. Four men were killed serving their country and two of them were veterans who ran to the sounds of the guns when our consulate was under attack. We won’t let Hillary Clinton or her supporters like Christine Jones whitewash what happened to them.”

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