Benghazi Survivor Waited 20 Hours for Help to Arrive

A Benghazi survivor has told Congress and the media that he waited 20 hours for help to arrive.  That bombshell was dropped by David Ubben, who was wounded so badly  the night of the Benghazi massacre that he is still recuperating from wounds at Walter Reed Medical Center.  Ubben, a Diplomatic Security agent, is speaking out from his bedside in an effort to let the American public know what happened on 9-11-12.

One of the most severely wounded survivors of the Benghazi terror attack, Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben, risked his life to help save his fellow Americans, and is still being treated at Walter Reed medical center to this day, Fox News has learned.  Fox News is the first news organization to make direct contact with Ubben — who has had multiple surgeries at Walter Reed to save his right leg, which was badly wounded in the Sept. 11 attack.  Fox News has also learned new details about Ubben’s heroic actions on the night of the attack, including fighting alongside the former Navy SEALs who were later killed.  The Diplomatic Security agent, earlier in the night, helped recover the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, going back into the smoke and flames at the Benghazi consulate multiple times until he found Smith, whom he believed to be already dead from smoke inhalation.   

Remember President Obama’s statement to then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: “do whatever you need to do to be able to protect our people there,”

Since when does, “doing whatever you need to do,” mean waiting for almost a whole day to do anything?

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