CIA Blocked Benghazi Rescue Teams

Congressman Frank Wolf reports that the CIA repeatedly blocked the departure of a rescue team that was only minutes away from Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Benghazi consulate.

Wolf revealed on the House floor on Monday that “trusted sources have confirmed” to his office “that the security team was ready to respond within minutes after receiving the initial call for help, but the CIA repeatedly blocked their departure for more than 30 minutes.”  Although this team “ultimately disobeyed orders,” it was “too late to save” Ambassador Chris Stevens and U.S. official Sean Smith, both of whom were murdered during a terror attack on the U.S. compound.  “Why was the CIA’s security team repeatedly ordered to ‘stand down’ for more than 30 minutes after the attack began?” asked Wolf, who has taken to the House floor each day over the past week to pose what he says are unanswered questions about the Benghazi attack.

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Last week, Rep. Wolf took to the floor of the House and spoke about the Obama administration forcing Benghazi survivors and other with knowledge of the situation to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“It is worth noting that the Marine Corps Times yesterday reported that the Marine colonel whose task force was responsible for special operations in northern and western Africa at the time of the attack is still on active duty despite claims that he retired. And therefore could not be forced to testify before Congress.

“If these reports are accurate, this would be a stunning revelation to any member of Congress, any member of Congress that finds this out and also more importantly to the American people. It also raises serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response.

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