Red Tape Report: Veterans Fill Out 613 Forms Across 18 Agencies

A new report by the American Action Forum shows that America is drowning her veterans in red tape:

After reviewing more than 300 regulatory requirements facing U.S. veterans, the American Action Forum (AAF) found significant red tape: 43.4 million hours of paperwork, 613 forms that take 3 hours to complete per person, and a total cost of more than $600 million.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) alone receives 31.2 million responses from veterans each year, and it appears the department is failing to keep up with the pace of claims.

As reported by numerous media outlets, the delay of VA claims continues to skyrocket.  The number of veterans waiting more than a year to receive benefits jumped from 11,000 in 2009 to 245,000 by December 2012, an extraordinary 2,000 percent increase.  The total “logjam” is now estimated at more than 600,000 veterans waiting on VA action.

VSA has reported extensively on the seemingly incurable problems plaguing the Veterans Administration – while this new report shows that America’s resolve, “to care for him who shall have borne the battle,” has met a government-issue brick wall:

In any area of government, there will of course be forms and obstacles for individuals and businesses.  But for America’s veterans, navigating 18 agencies and more than 600 forms has produced absurd results and unnecessary delays.  VA, GAO, and other agencies have already diagnosed the problem of overlap and duplication, but Veterans Affairs continues to struggle.  If Congress cannot fashion a legislative remedy, veterans will have to rely on the same system that has failed them repeatedly in the past.  

Read the entire report at AAN.


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