Issa Issues Benghazi Subpoenas to State Department

Secretary of State John F. Kerry promised to fully cooperate with Rep. Darrell Issa and the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee – but has failed to produce key witnesses in the Benghazi matter.  As a result of the State Department’s foot dragging Rep. Darrell Issa, has issued subpoenas for the testimony of four officials:

Writing about Monday’s subpoenas, Mr. Issa said they were not the fault of the witnesses he was serving.

“By its very nature,” Mr. Issa wrote, “a subpoena can carry the implication that the witness is being uncooperative. In this case, that is an unfortunate and misleading consequence since it is the department, and not the individuals themselves, that appears to be dictating the timetable.”

The four officials, according to Mr. Issa, are Eric Boswell, who was assistant secretary at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Scott Bultrowicz, former principal deputy assistant secretary in that bureau and director of the Diplomatic Security Service; Elizabeth Dibble, former principal deputy assistant secretary, at the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs; and her boss, Elizabeth Jones, th bureau’s acting assistant secretary.

Read More at the Washington Times.

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