Where is the Military’s Side of the Benghazi Story?

There are many theories as to why America has not heard from the military about what happened in Benghazi on 9.11.12.  Many of those theories revolve around the most plausible – that the Obama administration is covering up it’s deadly and embarrassing failure in order to win the 2012 election.  Byron York writes in today’s Washington Examiner on why the military’s side of the story is still classified.

“Some military experts have suggested the amount of classification is excessive, but the lid remains on. So, why is so much about Benghazi classified? A few days ago I ran a theory past a well-informed Capitol Hill source. The email I sent:

Theory: The government, including the administration and relevant members of Congress, is keeping the military details of the Benghazi attack/response classified because they don’t want to the world to know how woefully unprepared we were in that troubled part of the world until we’ve had time to fix things. After our security stance is improved, then more details can be released.

Corollary: Keeping Benghazi information classified is against the instincts of many Republicans, but they believe it is important not because they have any desire to provide cover for the president but because they were particularly appalled to discover just how disastrously ill-prepared the administration was. They also know that things could have been worse last September 11 — Cairo could have blown up, too — and are giving the administration the cover of secrecy (but not unlimited secrecy for an unlimited time) to give them room to fix the situation.”

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