Former Attorney General: Civilizational Jihad a Threat

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey made a forceful case for the threat that civilizational jihad poses Western Civilization at CPAC 2014.  Breitbart’s Big Peace reported:

“Mukasey recalled his experience presiding over the trial of Omar Abdel Rahman, the “Blind Sheikh”, convicted of plotting the 1993 bombing attack of the World Trade Center. Prosecutors in that case entered as evidence numerous sermons and speeches Rahman had given, urging his followers to take up violence as a means to impose Sharia law. 

In fact, Mukasey noted, adherents of Islamism make no secret of their desire to impose Sharia law, which covers all aspects of society, wherever they can take operational control. Several suburbs in Paris, Mukasey said, were off limits to local law enforcement without the express authorization of local Islamists.”

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