Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

Venezuelan strongman, and America Hater, Hugo Chavez has died at the age of 58 according to his Vice President Nicolas Maduro.  From Fox News:

Venezuela’s government announced the death of President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday, ending 14 years of charismatic rule by the firebrand socialist but leaving his party firmly in control of the nation.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro’s voice broke several times and tears ran down his face as he appeared on national television to announce that Chavez died at 3:55 p.m EST “after battling tough with an illness over nearly two years.”

He did not say what exactly killed Chavez, although the government had announced the previous night that a new, severe respiratory infection had severely weakened him.

Just a few hours earlier, Maduro made a virulent speech against enemies he claimed were trying to undermine Venezuelan democracy.


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