Michelle Obama uses Military Social Aides as Props to Hand Out Oscar Award

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post is asking the same question we’ve heard from alot of folks yesterday, why did Michelle Obama and the White House need to use White House Military Social Aides as props when handing out this year’s best Oscar award winner:

It is not enough that President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation. Now the first lady feels entitled, with military personnel as props, to intrude on other forms of entertaining (this time for the benefit of the Hollywood glitterati who so lavishly paid for her husband’s election). I’m sure the left will holler that once again conservatives are being grouchy and have it in for the Obamas. Seriously, if they really had their president’s interests at heart, they’d steer away from encouraging these celebrity appearances. It makes both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping. In this case, it was just downright weird.

No one, it seems, gets within a mile of the White House with any sense of restraint. No one there would dare suggest nearly half the country didn’t vote for him and doesn’t much like him and might want to be left to their small daily pleasures. (Greta Garbo said it best.) And no one there is apt to explain that the White House, the military and the first lady (not this one in particular) are institutions bigger than the Obamas and their e-mail list.

No one has a problem with the First Lady appearing at the Oscars, or via video in this instance, but why involve military social aides as props in the background?

I think most of us know the answer, because it confers a sense of legitimacy that this White House feels it lacks.  Just the appearance of members of the most respected profession in America connotes a certain air of institutional respect that liberals feel they are entitled to – especially by the military.

The Daily Caller has comments from former Marine Corps fighter pilot and assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Ed Timperlake:

“I thought it was unseemly,” said Timperlake, recounting his reaction while watching the Oscars. “I think the use of the service members crossed the line.”  “Putting her up on the stage to award an Oscar is fine. However, putting uniformed military behind her is coming up, maybe perhaps crossing the line where you’re using active duty military in their dress uniform as a prop … for commercial purposes,” Timperlake said.

Whatever you think about it, one thing is certain: more Obama statist propaganda.

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