Justice for 1LT Alejo Thompson: Taliban Killer Mahmood Killed

1LT Alejo Thompson
Last May, 1LT Alejo Thompson was gunned down in a Green on Blue incident by an Afghan army soldier who had turned on his American trainers.  In the wake of the incident, the Taliban hailed Ghazi Mahmood as a hero in the ABC video seen above this post.

The Taliban video shows him being welcomed as a hero while entering the terrorist camp. You can see him entering the camp in his Afghan army uniform with an M-16 assault rifle and garlands of flowers around his neck.

Last night the world received notice that justice was served on jihadist Ghazi Mahmood as he was killed in a NATO raid.

1LT Alejo Thompson

Ghazi Mahmood was thought to have been responsible for killing U.S. Army 1LT Alejo Thompson, who died during the attack on a base in Kunar. The attack also wounded two of Thompson’s comrades.  Thompson was only 60 days into his second tour in Afghanistan when he was gunned down by Mahmood.  1LT Thompson is survived by his wife and two children.


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