Marines: The Obama Sequester will Kill Our Pilots

The Marine Corps reports today that President Obama’s cuts to the military might just ground some pilots…permanently.  Lt. General John Wissler told lawmakers that:

“We’ll be down to around ten hours per crew per type-model series [i.e. type of aircraft] per month,” Wissler said. “Statistics show that if you fly less than 15 hours a month, you’re a safety hazard, and we run the very real risk of killing pilots and destroying airplanes.”

In August 2011, President Obama vigorously lobbied for and eventually signed into law the 2011 Budget Control Act -otherwise known as sequestration.  The law mandates just over $500 billion in cuts to defense over 10 years.  But wait – that’s not all – President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget cuts of over $487 billion from DoD have resulted in $1 trillion in cuts to defense over the next 10 years.

The sequestration is gutting the world’s finest military and resulting just the kind of pain liberal democrats like President Obama have wanted to inflict our nation’s most trustworthy institution.  Wissler went to outline the consequences of sequestration to Marine Corps aviation:

“by December 31st of 2013, instead of having roughly eight of 12 airplanes on the ramp in our non-deployed squadrons around the Marine Corps, we’ll have five.” (Squadrons actually deployed on operations will be kept at full strength, albeit at the expense of funding other forces). Fewer planes means fewer opportunities to train, which means pilots won’t be flying enough hours to retain their qualifications.

And get this…here’s the cherry according to Wissler:

“our friends are very, very, very concerned.” Since his 2009-2010 tour of duty in Iraq, e remains good friends with the governor of al-Anbar province, Wissler said. When the USS Truman deployment was cancelled, Wissler said, “I got an email from him after that announcement was made and he was absolutely befuddled that the most powerful nation in the world could not sail one of our carriers.”

“And he’s our friend,” Wissler said. “Just think about what our enemies are thinking.”

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