Panetta: Obama Absent During Benghazi Massacre

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee that President Obama was AWOL during the Benghazi massacre that happened on September 11, 2012.  The out going Secretary testified that he did not receive any communication from the White House on the night of the attack after initially informing the president of the situation on the ground in North Africa.

Note the following question and response from New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte:

“Did he ever call you that night to say, ‘how are things going? What’s going on? Where’s the consulate?’” Ayotte followed up.

“No, but we were aware, as we were getting information that was taking place there, particularly when we got information that the ambassador [Chris Stevens] – his life had been lost – we were aware that that information went to the White House,” Panetta added.

“Did you communicate with anyone else at the White House that night?” Ayotte asked.

“No,” Panetta responded.

Why in the hell wasn’t there any more communication with the Commander in Chief going on as our Ambassador in Benghazi and three others were losing their lives?

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