Senator: Hagel is Offensive and Wrong

Senator John Barrasso finds Obama SECDEF Nominee Chuck Hagel’s position on a number of issues, “offensive and wrong.”  From the WSJ:

Mr. Hagel was one of only two U.S. senators to oppose financial sanctions against Iran in 2001. In 2007, he wrote to President George W. Bush urging “direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks with Iran.” In 2008, he again was one of only two senators to vote against sanctions. That same year, he even implied, in his book “America: Our Next Chapter,” that a nuclear Iran might not be so bad because countries with nuclear weapons “will often respond with some degree of responsible, or at least sane, behavior.”

Since President Obama was inaugurated, Iran has moved four years closer to a nuclear weapon. The intelligence community confirmed in 2009 that Iran had been building a covert uranium enrichment facility for years—and there is no indication that the regime in Tehran can be talked out of its illicit nuclear program or its support for terrorists.

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